How to backup iPhone to computer -iTunes

How to backup iphone to computer -itunes
how to backup iphone on itunes

Are you finding the best and easy way to back up your iPhone with iTunes? You do not need to go on another website. Today we will discuss "how to take backup on your iPhone with iTunes". ITunes is a popular iPhone company software that is used for various purposes such as backup. In this article, we will provide a complete guide step by step about take backup with iTunes. There are many methods available to take backup on your computer but iTunes is more reliable than others.

    So let's see the process of taking a backup, follow these instructions step by step to take a backup with iTunes.

    1. Why back iPhone to computer

    Backup your phone data to a computer provide us the several advantages. An important advantage is that you can recover your data after it lost from your mobile. Backup provides an additional security layer to the user data. Backup service provides us a data protection service. The main purpose of the backup is that, when your primary data lost, you can recover through the backup file. Your backup file will be stored on your computer

     ITunes is the official software of the iPhone Company. You can take backup through it. It provides a copy of data and when we need it then it we can use it for any purpose.

    2. Preparing backup

    Before taking the backup on your computer, first, ensure that you have the latest iTunes software version on your personal computer. If you have the latest version, there is no need to do anything. But if you can’t have the latest version, first install the latest version of iTunes software on your computer. After it, connect your Apple smartphone to your computer with the charging cable of your device. Then unlock your smartphone and established a secure connection between your computer and your smartphone (iPhone). 


    3. Backup with iTunes [how to backup iphone on itunes]

    1.               In the first step, Start or launch the official software iTunes of Apple Company. Check your phone is detected in it. If not, then wait for it to detect your smartphone in iTunes.

    2.               In Second step, click on the mobile icon on iTunes software.

    3.               In the Third step, now click on the backup button to take backup your smartphone data.

    4.               After clicking on the backup button, your backup process have done successfully.

    5.               ITunes backup consists on photo videos, application data, message, and call history, etc.

    6.               If you want to restore your iTunes backup, backup can be restored through iTunes but it can be restored with the same computer.


    4. Verifying backup

    This is the most important step to check your backup is completed or not. If you have followed previous instructions carefully and implemented them step by step then your backup have completed on your computer. Take regular backups on your computer through iTunes increase your data security. The chance of data loss will become very less if you take backup on a daily base. Data is more important than the phone.


    What is iTunes and what benefits

    ITunes is software that is useful for Apple users. This is the most famous software of Apple Company. There are many features available in iTunes software. Users can play and download multiple songs through it. ITunes was launched on 9 January 2011. ITunes use C++ programing language. ITunes was developed in C++ programing language. C++ language runs in the back end of this software. ITunes runs on Windows operating systems and IOS operating systems. 64-bit operating system is required to running iTunes software. ITunes runs on 32 bit but 64-bit provides a better experience. It available for both operating systems, 32bit, and 64bit.  

    Basically, peoples use iTunes for music. People can customize music through it. ITunes have many other features such as peoples can take backup of smartphones through it and store it on the computer for future use. ITunes has a wide range of features. The iTunes app store is also available to install the app. ITunes has the capacity to auto-update. There is no need to update iTunes software manually.

    In short, this is the audiobook of Apple Company. 



    ·       This is used for playing music and downloading the music.

    ·       Customize the music

    ·       It provides fast access to the iTunes store. Users can install apps through it.

    ·       It provides the facility to take backup of any Apple mobile phone or iPod.

    ·       You can sync it with your Apple devices, iPhone and iPod

    ·       ITunes provides an Auto update facility, there is no need to update it after a few time.


    iPhone different backup methods

    iPhones provide us several backup methods to take backup of your important data. Hers are common methods and ways to take backup.

        1. iCloud backup

    I cloud backup allows us to take backup automatically and store the backup file on the cloud server. This is the most common method to back up your phone data.

    1.   Internet connection is required to tack backup through I cloud.

    2.   If you want to tack backup with I cloud, go to settings search I cloud, and then click on I cloud backup.

    3.   I cloud back consists on photo videos, application data, messages and call history, etc.

    4.   I cloud backup can be restored during the iPhone setup process.


    2 2.  iTunes

    ITunes is also the most common method to back up your iPhone with the computer. ITunes is a computer software used for various purposes.


    2.1 How to backup iphone to computer -itunes

    First, connect your iPhone to a computer with a USB cable and start iTunes software on the computer.

    Second, click on the phone icon on iTunes software.

    Third, click on the backup button to tack a backup of your personal data.

    ITunes backup also consists on photo videos, application data, messages and call history, etc.

    If you want to restore your iTunes backup, backup can be restored through iTunes but it can be restored with the same computer.


    3. Other backup tools

    There are many other backup tools available in iPhones or iPods to tack backup. Examples of other backup tools,  iamazing and DR.fone.

    These tools provide the facility to back up your iPhone data. These backup tools convert the backup into encrypted form. Mean, the backup file is converted into an unreadable form if any person or organization does not understand the backup data, to convert it into a readable form first convert the backup file into decrypted form. Data is encrypted or decrypted through the algorithms.   



    If you follow these instructions step by step then you tack back up your iPhones or iPod. Keep backup on daily bases to prevent your data from loss. There are many options are available to take backup your iPhone or iPod but iTunes is most common method to tack back up your data on the computer. Make a habit to take backups regularly. This habit saves you from big losses.  



    Q1. How do I transfer everything from my old iPhone to a new iPhone?

    If you want to transfer your all data from the old phone to the new phone then you need to tack a complete backup of your old phone. By using this backup file you can transfer your all data from the old phone to the new one. There are several methods available to take complete backup of your iPhone, some of themes

    ·       iTunes

    ·       I cloud

    ·       Other app

    You can take a backup of your iPhone or iPod with these methods. IPhone backup consists on all data of phone such as photos videos message and call history,


    Q2.  How do I back up my iPhone directly to my computer?

    To back up your iPhone on a computer directly, use iTunes software, iTunes software is used to tack backup on computer or mac,


    Q3. Does iTunes backup everything?

    Yes of course, iPhone backup consists on all data, photos, videos, application settings, other settings, messages and call history, etc. you can recover your all old phone data on a new smartphone with a backup facility.


    Q4. How do I restore my iPhone from backup?

    If you take a backup with iCloud you can recover or access it through the iCloud account

    If your backup is taken from iTunes then you can recover it through iTunes software through the computer.


    Q5. Can iPhone data be recovered after reset?

    If you don't have a backup file then you cannot recover your phone data after reset. Backup is most important to recover data after rest. If you have a backup file then you can recover your data after rest.