How to check telenor mbs || Telenor mb check code

Telenor mb check code
How to check telenor mbs

Telenor is the 2nd largest telecom company in Pakistan. Telenor is a 4G faster network. Telenor SIM is owned by Norway country. Telenor SIM CEO Name is Sigve Brekke. Telenor has 47 Million plus active users in Pakistan. Every third person of Pakistan country has Telenor SIM because this is a famous telecom network

How to check Telenor remaining mbs

If you have Telenor SIM and you want to check the remaining data on Telenor SIM you are land on the correct site. Today we will see “How to check Telenor mbs” This is a very simple process to check the remaining MBs on the Telenor network. . In simple steps you can check the remaining data calls, sms, and MBs on the Telenor SIM network. I will tell you the 2 best methods to check remaining data calls, SMS and MBs. You can choose any method to check your remaining data on Telenor SIM. Both methods are easy and simple. You can choose your favorite one.


1st Method (code)

How to check Telenor MB

Follow these steps to check Telenor remaining MBs and others data (call and SMS).

·       To check Telenor remaining MB dial *999# code.

·       Then such type message will show on your screen “Ap ki darhkwast par amal kiya jar aha he tasdeqi SMS ap ko abi bej deua jai ga”

·       After a few seconds you will receive the message and your remaining data detail will be shown.


How to check telenor mbs ||  Telenor mb check code



For what



Check remaining Minutes, SMS and MBs


This method is not free. 24 paisy is required to use this method. But the next method is totally free. Don’t waste your time. If you do not have balance use the second method this is totally free.


2nd Method (My Telenor) Free

Telenor mb check code

This is a totally free method to check your remaining data on Telenor SIM. Follow these steps to check Telenor MB without balance. So let see

·       First, install the My Telenor application on your smartphone

·       Second, create an account on it (in simple steps you can create an account on it. Just enter your SIM number a verify pin will be received on your number. After Entering verify Pin then your account have created successfully.)

·       Then Open My Telenor. Such type interface will show

How to check telenor mbs
how to check internet mbs in telenor,

·       Now you can see all detail of free MBs, Minutes, and SMS.

·       You can check Minutes, SMS, and MBs with this application. This application is totally free you can use it any time without balance. This application provides more advantages. We can check the balance without dialing the code.


I hope all problems “Telenor mb check code” have solved. If you have any problem contact us with Telenor Helpline, second you can tell me in the comment part. Leave your query in a comment. I will try to resolve you’re difficulty. I think you have no problem with this post because you can easily check your remaining data calls SMS and MBs on Telenor network SIM.


Telenor mb check code

Queries related to Telenor

How can I check my Telenor internet MBs?

You can check your Telenor internet MB with two methods. First, you can check Telenor remaining data with the code. Dial *999# code to check the remaining data. After dialing this code you will revive sms from Telenor of the remaining data. Second, you can try the second method. First, install my Telenor app from the play store. This is the application of Telenor Company. After installing this app make an account on it. And then you will check the remaining data of Telenor SIM through this application.


What is Telenor data SIM?

Telenor data SIM is the data SIM of the Telenor network. This SIM is just used only for the internet. You cannot dial calls through this SIM because this SIM is only for data. You can buy Telenor data SIM through the Telenor retailer shop. You need to activate the monthly package on it if you want to use the internet. This SIM mostly has the monthly intent package. The rate of packages is normal of data SIM.


Which Telenor package is best for Internet?

Telenor has many best and cheap rate internet packages. I think Telenor best package is the weakly package. You can receive 500 minutes 4 GB internet data only on an 80 rupees recharge. Dial *355# code to activate this offer. This is a cheap rate package of Telenor. You can check cheap rate packages on my Telenor app. You can choose your favorite package through my Telenor app.

Is Telenor better than ZONG?

Yes Telenor is better than ZONG. Telenor is a super 4G network in Pakistan. Telenor users are greater than ZONG. Most people use the ZONG SIM network for the internet because the internet speed of ZONG is very well. But Telenor has fewer price packages that why people use Telenor SIM.

Which SIM has fastest internet speed?

Almost ZONG SIM has the fastest speed but jazz also has the fastest internet speed. ZON is a super 4g network in pk but jazz is also a super 4G SIM network. Both SIMs provide the best internet speed to their users. Most people use ZONG SIM for internet purposes and jazz SIM for calls. Jazz has fewer prices call packages that why people use jazz SIM for calls. But jazz users also use the internet on it. Otherwise, you can try Telenor SIM for the internet. Telenor SIM also provides good internet speed to its users.


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