How to convert Telenor SIM to jazz

How to convert Telenor SIM to jazz

Some peoples are not satisfied with his network (Jazz, Telenor, zong, Ufone). And they want to change or transfer his network one company to any other Telecom company. In Pakistan 4 Telecom networks exist (Jazz, Telenor, zong, Ufone). You can convert or transfer any network to any other network without paying money.

If you want convert your SIM to Telenor to jazz we are fitful your wish and we will tell you best trick or methods to convert your network Telenor to jazz. In simple steps you can convert your Telenor SIM to jazz. You don’t have need to go on franchise to convert your SIM. You can convert your SIM to jazz at home. So let start this process.


How to convert Telenor SIM to jazz SIM

·      ·       Take your Telenor network mobile phone which your wish to cnovert on jazz.

·     ·       Then send sms on “667” write MNP in message body and send it on “667”.

·  ·           After few seconds you will receive SMS from 667 and your SIM owner detail will have wrote on it such ad id card number and name.

·      ·       You forward this SMS on “76321”.

·      ·       You will receive SMS from jazz “Dear customer, your porting request has been received. Thank you for choosing Jazz”.

·     ·       In 4 to 5 working days you network will have changed to jazz.


I hope you problem have solved. You are enjoying super 4G jazz network at this time. If you have any problem contact on jazz franchise or jazz customer care number “111”.

FAQ for

Q1. Which network is best?

I Think jazz is a super 4G network and best network in Pakistan. Jazz have 66 million users in Pakistan. I think jazz is a best network in Pakistan. Mostly people use jazz SIM. In Pakistan second position have Telenor. Telenor have 49 million users in Pakistan. 3rd position have ZONG. ZONG have fastest internet speed in Pakistan. ZONG introduce first time 4G in Pakistan in 2014. ZONG have 42 million active users in Pakistan.


Q2. How can I convert my SIM to Jazz?

Read this post from first page to convert your any SIM to jazz. After read this post I hope you can convert your SIM to any other or jazz network