OPPO online waranty check 

OPPO waranty check
OPPO waranty check

Today we will understand “OPPO online waranty check”. In easy steps you can find or check warranty of your OPPO mobile phone. Generally people don’t know how to check OPPO warranty. So I told you very easy method to check warranty of your mobile. Within a minute you can check your phone warranty with E warranty. I will tell you 2 best methods to check warranty of OPPO mobile phone. So let start it


OPPO waranty check

Follow these methods to check OPPO phone warranty. After read this method you can check your phone warranty

1. First Method (OPPO website)

Follow these stages to check warranty of Your OPPO mobile phone.

·         First find IMEI number of your Smart phone. (Methods to find IMEI NUMBER. 1st, You can find IMEI number by dialing * #06 # code. 2nd go to about of your phone and check IMEI number. 3rd find Box of your phone and not IMEI number )

·       After finding IMEI number of your phone open your browser and then open OPPO official website to check warranty. You can open through this link https://support.OPPO.com/pk/warranty-check/.

·       After open this website such type interface will show of OPPO website.


OPPO online waranty
OPPO online waranty check

·       Now enter Your IMEI number on this website and press on check warranty website. So all detail of your phone of such as waranty will display on its side.


2. Second Method (Other website)

·       second website is IMEI.info. Open your browser and then open this website https://www.imei.info/. Open this website through this link.

·       After click on this link this website will open and such type interface of website will show. This website is specially for warranty check of phone. You can check warranty of any company phone with this website

OPPO online waranty check
OPPO online waranty check

·       Now enter IMEI number and press on check button. OPPO online waranty check. After click all detail of your phone of your phone will show. oppo waranty check


I hope your problem “OPPO online waranty check” have solved. In simple stages you can find or check warranty of your OPPO smart mobile phone. Just find IMEI number of phone and then you can check warranty of your phone, you can contact me if you have any problem. I will resolve your problem. E warranty card provide facility to check phone warranty online. This is the advantage of all new devices because old device are not have this facility to check warranty online. oppo waranty check


OPPO History

I hope if you use mobile phone, you know about OPPO smart phone, because OPPO is most famous smart phone in nowadays. Tony Chen is founder of OPPO smart phone. Tony Chen founded OPPO smartphone in 2004. OPPO is a chaines brand smart phone company. Headquarter of OPPO in Dongguan Guangdong, china.

OPPO is owned by BBK Electronic Group. OPPO, Vivo, RELMI and plus owner. In OPPO, Vivo, RELMI and one plus phone just have the deference of the name. BBK is a Multi-nation Company which starts in 1998. OPPO is a brand of BBK.

OPPO brand is not limited on Smartphone, OPPO makes Cameras. OPPO Phone Company is main focus on Camera, because OPPO is a selfie expert phone. Mostly people use OPPO smart phone to take selfie and snap photo with back camera. OPPO smart phone camera result is very good. OPPO is less expensive Smart phone. Normal people easily By OPPO mobile. OPPO devices are well work. If your budget is less and you want to take good phone OPPO phone is best option for you.       

FAQ for OPPO phone

Q1. How can I check my mobile warranty?

Yes off Couse you can check your smart phone is in under warranty or not. First find your IMEI number of your smart phone and past on website. Now you can check your phone warranty. (Read this post from first page). IMEI number is most important factored in warranty check. Without IMEI number you can’t check warranty of phone. 


Q2. How long is OPPO warranty?

Mostly OPPO smartphone have one year warranty. I think all smartphone of OPPO have 12months warranty. Very less smartphone have 24 months warranty. Techno or infix phone have 13 months warranty. 12 months warranty is too much and enough for smart phone. OPPO provide 12 months warranty of his phone.


Q3. Does OPPO warranty cover screen damage?

No. OPPO does not cover screen damage warranty. OPPO is a biggest company of smartphones. OPPO launch many phones in one year. Mostly people like to buy OPPO smartphones. Any company of smartphone does not cover screen damage problem. Company claim only untouched phone. If your phone screen will have damaged no one company repairer this phone.


Q4. What is OPPO customer care number?

Number of OPPO customer care is 18001032777. You can call any time of this customer care number. And they will solve your problems. OPPO online waranty check. You can check waranty of your phone with customer care number. Customer care agent will execute your query. 


Q5. How do I activate my OPPO warranty?

 When you unbox and start your phone first time so your waranty have activated automatically. All device of any company such as OPPO vivo and one plus waranty activated automatically when we start phone. All device have 12 months waranty and after 12 montes its expired automatically. At a time all phone have e warranty card. E waranty card eans electronic warranty. Mean we can check warranty online and warranty activated online automatically.



Q6. Can you return a phone after opening it?

Yes we can return phone after opening but if phone have any software or hardware problem. In this case we can return phone to company if phone have software or hardware problem. BUT your phone not has any problem you are not eligible to return phone because you have no reason to return back phone. Your phone is ok and it’s not having any problem so it’s not to return back. We can return back phone to company with in warranty. If our phone will not work properly it have some problem such as software or hardware type in warranty we can return back to company. So company will fix your phone problem and then transfer back phone to customer. oppo waranty check.